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Startmate Accelerator

January 16, 2023
Australia + Aotearoa
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About the Startmate Accelerator

Are you one of our region’s most ambitious founders and company builders? Are you ready to take your startup <text-style-times>to the next level?<text-style-times>
Twice a year, the Startmate Accelerator unleashes the ambition of Australia and New Zealand’s <text-style-underline>best founders<text-style-underline>, and propels them toward their goals.
From <text-style-times>solo founders<text-style-times> to <text-style-underline>teams of five<text-style-underline>, the Startmate community has seen it all. Regardless of the make-up of the founding team, Startmate will bolster your company's growth by surrounding you with <text-style-underline>equally ambitious peers<text-style-underline> ready to share the founder journey with you.

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The Startmate Accelerator runs twice a year. Register interest in the next cohort.