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What is Sunrise?

Sunrise is a festival of creativity, technology and ambition. It's our love letter to startups and the people who build them. A place to be immersed in our  community. A place where ideas collide. Above all - Sunrise is for you.
Aotearoa - 20 September 2023, Auckland

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The Sunrise Story

Now, more than ever, we need wild hearts to pave the way. Every one of us must set to work on building the future. Sunrise exists to inspire the next generation of wild hearts.

Sunrise started in 2014 when Blackbird’s founders Rick and Niki pulled the whole thing together in six weeks. With limited resources, experience and time, the whole community came together to make Sunrise happen.

This year, we are returning to Auckland for our third edition of Sunrise Aotearoa, featuring speakers and themes designed to provoke debate and spark ideas. New venue. New programming. And a magical collection of founders, performers, artists and inventors we can’t wait to share with you.


What about Sunrise Australia 2023?

Don't worry, Sunrise Australia will return in early 2024! Keep an eye out for our venue and date announcement coming soon.

What's your refund policy?

Full refunds are available up to 14 days prior to the event. Within this window, refunds can be requested but will be assessed on a per-instance basis.

Are there discount tickets for students and CSC holders?

Yes! Email us to confirm you're a student or a Community Services Card holder at and we'll send you a special code to claim a discounted ticket.

Where and when is Sunrise Auckland happening?

Wednesday 20 September, at Shed 10 in Auckland.

What’s your COVID policy?

We are working closely to follow all local restrictions and COVID-safe event requirements, which you can read about here. Due to these requirements, you’ll need to wear your face mask indoors throughout the day (unless you have an exemption).

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