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MAY 1 - 2 2024

What is Sunrise???

Sunrise is a festival of creativity, technology and ambition. It's our love letter to startups and the people who build them. A place to be immersed in our  community. A place where ideas collide. Above all - Sunrise is for you.

What happens at Sunrise?


You will be inspired by stories of triumph and failure, resilience and setback. Hear from diverse visionaries on BIG ideas, examples of exceptionalism, creativity and a future just out of our reach.


You will learn new things from fresh skillsets, innovative frameworks, models and methodologies. Discover practical tools and a treasure trove of insights.


Meet your co-founder, next investor, first hire or new best friend. Our festival app uses AI to help guests connect, set up meetings, and exchange messages. We facilitate hundreds of 1:1 meetings and thousands of direct messages each year through our official Sunrise app.


The Sunrise Story

Now, more than ever, we need wild hearts to pave the way. Every one of us must set to work on building the future. Sunrise exists to inspire the next generation of wild hearts.

Sunrise started in 2014 when Blackbird’s founders Rick and Niki pulled the whole thing together in six weeks. With limited resources, experience and time, the whole community came together to make Sunrise happen.

This year, we are returning to Sydney for our tenth edition of Sunrise Australia, featuring new speakers and themes designed to provoke debate and spark ideas. Be inspired and connect with a magical collection of founders, performers, artists and inventors. See you there, Travellers!


Can I sponsor Sunrise?

Each Sunrise, we work with a small group of partners who are as committed as we are in creating an extraordinary event. We're deliberately pretty picky about who we work with, but if you work with a company that wants to champion startups and the people building them, then flick us an email at and we can chat there.

Can I speak at Sunrise?

Sick! Lots of people want to speak at Sunrise. To help us keep track of it, fill in this form and one of our Sunrise team will come back if we want to make it happen.

What’s your COVID policy?

We are working closely to follow all local restrictions and COVID-safe event requirements, which you can read about here.

Where and when is Sunrise Sydney happening?

Monday 1 & 2 2024 at Carriageworks in Everleigh, Sydney. Need a map? Here you go!

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