Dani Pincus of Blackbird in a lab.

Are You Our Next Blackbird?

Date Published:
June 4, 2020

At Blackbird, we believe that giant leaps forward are made by a passionate few.

At Blackbird, we believe that giant leaps forward are made by a passionate few.

We find exceptional people solving tough challenges, we invest time and money in them and surround them with a powerful community of peers, mentors and allies who can help them along their journey.  

We've sat front row as Mel, Cliff and Cam from Canva made it possible for anyone to create beautiful designs (437,000 designs every week and counting). Didier is building the world’s first Culture First company at scale. We’re watching George and Tim at Vow, develop cultured meat from thousands of different species that you won't have seen at the dinner table. Alice from Ovira has vanquished period pain using non-invasive technology, and Adam from Gilmour is building rockets on the Gold Coast.

The list goes on.

I am looking for someone to help me build our community into a magnetic force for the best Aussies and Kiwis.

You could be anyone from anywhere — a former journalist, a management consultant, hospitality manager or a founder.

The door is wide open for you to bring your brand of uniqueness to Blackbird and partner with me in building a thriving community that supports our founders and accelerates the ANZ startup ecosystem.

You'll work on programmes such as Sunrise and Giants, both of which aim to supercharge our startup ecosystem. And you’ll write compelling and insightful stories that educate and inspire the founder community.

All that we ask is you bring your emotional intelligence, your empathy, hunger and operational excellence to our team.

In return, you will be in daily contact with some of the best founders, mentors and operators in the world and experience every day at Blackbird as a masterclass in startups. You will also join a team of exceptional humans who will push you to do your best work.  

Blackbird is different from any place you've worked. It will change your life, and in turn, you will have the opportunity to change other people's lives with the programmes you create and the community you help build.

Doing what I can to help the Blackbird portfolio founders on their journeys, has been an   incredibly rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally. There is no better feeling than receiving feedback from a founder saying one of your events contributed to making a tough decision a little easier, or the connection you made for them helped solve a wicked problem they were up against.

On my first day at Blackbird, I noticed three out of the five people there to greet me wore Blackbird merch. I remember thinking at the time; this must be an awesome place to work if people are proud to wear a t-shirt with the Blackbird logo. By the end of the month, I started wearing my Blackbird baseball cap everywhere.

To Blackbird's New Community and Communications Manager, we have a Blackbird hat and t-shirt waiting for you. Apply here.