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Need to use the Blackbird logo? Finding yourself lost in the Blackbird colourverse and searching for that perfect purple? Or maybe you’ve got a media request? Here’s everything you need.


This is our suite of logos. Our primary logo is, you guessed it, what we use 99% of the time. The icon replaces our primary logo in extremely small spaces, like a favicon or if you have to print a logo for ants. The flock is an ever changing, flexible, expressive version of our icon that we can use for anything we want - but we generally use it in applications where our primary logo is far too big.

Blackbird IconSwirling flock of blackbirds in black and white
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We reckon when it comes to fonts, it’s less about what you use and more about how you use it. Our fonts aren’t fancy - you probably already have them handy. Use black type on a colourful background and white type on a black background, please!

Gill Sans Ultra

We use Gill Sans Ultra as a headline font for single words and phrases. It’s the font from our logo so we want it to be used sparingly.


We use Arial as our workhorse typeface.

Times New Roman

We use Times to support and enhance text, and to break up the use of Arial.

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Colour is a big part of how we express our raw, creative energy. We thought 18 about naming our colours after different birds, but it got too niche. We went with ‘blackbird ordering a fancy cocktail’ instead.

Blackbird Black
Blackbird White
Blackbird Lemon
Blackbird Leaf
Blackbird Sky
Blackbird Rose
Blackbird Watermelon
Blackbird Mandarin
Blackbird Berry
Blackbird Grape

Press Kit

This is where you’ll find our previous press releases, team headshots and company boilerplate.


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