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From good intentions to concrete action - getting started on sustainability

Date Published:
March 17, 2022

So you want your startup to start taking action on climate change and sustainability, but don't know what that really looks like? This blog is for you.

On the mornings of 15-17 March 2022, Blackbird hosted its first public Impact Summit focused on climate and sustainability.

The Summit brought together 20 speakers for 8 sessions to explore how startups and scale ups can help to tackle the big challenges posed by environmental change. Climate advocates, sustainability experts, founders, operators and investors discussed not only the need for action, but what role businesses can play and how to navigate the trade-offs, challenges and unknowns.

For the 700 people who signed up, we aimed for the sessions to be inspiring and informative. (If you missed a session, fear not, the recordings are below!)

But climate mitigation needs more than our Zoom attention.  It requires practical action.

That's why we asked our speakers and collaborators to nominate the most valuable tools, resources, events and actions you can take now to put that intention into action. Here they are:

Actions you can take right now

Register for a follow up session
Measure your footprint
Get your startup off the ground
Give, commit and advocate

Practical tools you can use to help you implement

Blackbird has collaborated with Rewild to create a free, open-source  Sustainability Plan template for startups
  1. If you’re a content creator or broadcaster
  2. If you’re an institutional investor or particularly interested in pensions / superannuation
  3. If you want to understand your own emissions profile and the simple steps you can take to reduce your impact

Example sustainability and climate plans

For inspiration, some examples of other businesses doing interesting work in this area, check out:

Stuff to read / watch / listen to

Books / newsletters

Find out more about impact at Blackbird

Catch up on a session from the Summit

Miss a session from the summit, or want to watch back? We've got you covered.




Short videos from some of Australia-Aotearoa/New Zealand's exciting startups and businesses



Young Henrys


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