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Blackbird Sales Academy

May 1, 2022
Coming soon.

We believe your background is less important than your attitude to succeed. We're piloting a new 6 week program to upskill hungry and ambitious people in sales and supercharge their careers into startups. You could come from any industry and do not need to have worked in a startup before - perhaps you have worked in hospitality or retail, spent time in customer service, or even a nurse or flight attendant craving a change. If you're passionate about sales and would love to work for a rocketship startup, this program could be for you!

Learn from some of the best operators in our portfolio including leaders from FirstAML, Canva, SafetyCulture, Edrolo and CultureAmp, and ultimately land your dream job!

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Sunrise 2022

Coming soon.

Australia's premier startup festival by Blackbird Ventures. Arts, technology and creativity conference.

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