Sunrise 2024

Introducing the Foundations Stage at Sunrise Australia 2024

Date Published:
February 28, 2024

We are beyond stoked to unveil the newest (and third) stage and program addition to Sunrise Australia 2024 – the Foundations Stage

Foundations is about personal growth, and we have curated a series of practical workshops to help you on your journey to becoming the most complete expression of yourself. 

Our intention is to create a space for anyone, whether you're a founder, operator or investor. We’ve got tactical, hands-on sessions led by inspiring friends from our community, and we’ve got more open-ended sessions that will help you unlock new parts of yourself.

These sessions are just the start. We have so much more to come. 

You Need a Career Strategy:

Career Strategy is the art of choosing what to do, and what to do next, over and over again throughout your career. Join someone who is no stranger to unexpected career paths and a passionate advocate for learning the fundamentals of career strategy - Lucy Wark, co-founder of sexual wellness brand, Normal, and career skills platform, Fuzzy. This session is designed to give help you answer questions like "What skills should I actually be investing in? What will actually bring career fulfilment? How can I execute a career transition or evolution if I'm not enjoying what I do? Should I optimise for learning, culture, colleagues, money, personal brand, credentials, lifestyle - or the holy grail, everything everywhere all at once?" 

Flow State Breathwork: The Consciousness of Creativity:

Dive deep into the transformative power of breathwork, hosted by Dave Murphy, a renowned flow state coach and breathwork expert. In this immersive workshop you'll experience a deep breathwork journey to help you enhance creativity, unlock peak performance and access the optimal state of consciousness: flow. You'll also learn practical knowledge and techniques to enhance mindfulness, sharpen focus, and eliminate distractions, propelling you into a state of effortless excellence. Whether you're an artist, entrepreneur, or athlete, this session is your gateway to mastering flow through the power of your breath.

Sales Principles for Accelerating Your Career:

Sales skills aren't just for salespeople - they're fundamental in driving your career forward in interviews, projects, and promotions. In this practical talk, Dan Brockwell from Earlywork (Australia’s first tech sales bootcamp) will show you how to accelerate your career using sales principles.

Thriving in Transition: From Individual Contributor to Exceptional Leader:

Join Lauren Humphrey, Co-Founder of Tandem and The Mintible for a transformative workshop designed for individuals stepping into managerial roles. Discover your unique leadership style, master the art of feedback, and communicate with confidence to build a cohesive, high-performing team. Learn practical strategies to manage time, set clear goals, and prioritize tasks, setting yourself up for success as a leader. This session is your key to unlocking your full potential and advancing your career as an exceptional manager.

Angel Investing 101 with Airtree’s Explorers Program:

Learn everything you need to know to get started with Angel investing. In this interactive workshop, Airtree’s Elicia McDonald will look at why you might want to consider angel investing (and why you shouldn’t!), how to think about the risk/reward trade off, what on earth Power Law Distribution is (and why it matters), the importance of portfolio diversification and how to think about your investment ‘budget’.

I hope this gives you a flavour of more sessions to come on the Foundations Stage. Keep your eye out for upcoming program announcements as we get closer to Sunrise Australia 2024. In the meantime, tell a friend, grab your tickets from the Sunrise page and come along ready to learn with an open mind and heart. 

We can’t wait to see you at Sunrise, fellow Travellers.