Learn from the best Sales Leaders in the world with the Blackbird Sales Academy!

The Blackbird Sales Academy!

Date Published:
April 6, 2022

Learn from the best sales leaders in the world with our new Sales Academy

We know our startups need sales talent - it’s one of the biggest gaps in our portfolio at the moment. And we also know there’s many talented and ambitious people out there ready for a challenge (maybe it’s you!) who would be great in startup sales.

So next month, we’re launching our first Sales Academy, a 6-week, free program designed to help people jump into a startup career in sales.

Want to know how Canva approaches product-led sales, or what a day in the life of sales is like at SafetyCulture? Want to learn about consultative selling in the education space with Edrolo? Or how about anti-money laundering products and SaaS selling with FirstAML? How about how CultureAmp puts the customer first and how they think about cross-selling?

If you;

  • enjoy building relationships and solving problems for customers, 
  • consider yourself the ‘competitive one’ and motivated by targets, 
  • have crazy ambition and a bit of hustle 
  • are you ready for a career reinvigoration

Then time to up-skill and leap into a career in startup sales with the Blackbird Sales Academy.


What is the BB Sales Academy?

A 6 week program designed by Blackbird to upskill hungry and ambitious people in sales and supercharge their careers into startups. We want to meet people where they are - we are industry agnostic and your background is less important than your attitude to succeed. So whether you have experience in hospitality, retail or any kind of customer service, or even a nurse or a flight attendant craving a change and this program could be for you! 

Through this program, you’ll be able learn from the best operators in the portfolio from the likes of FirstAML, Canva, SafetyCulture, Edrolo and CultureAmp, and ultimately land your dream job!

What is the format of the program?

Over the 6 weeks there will be bi-weekly sessions each with a different topic and hosted by one of our portfolio companies. One of these will be a ‘learning’ session followed by a ‘challenge’ or task for practical application of new skills lasting 1-1.5hours. 

The program will include the following topics; Sales 101, Objection Handling, Solution Selling, Customer and Product-Lead Sales, Deal flow and pipeline management and finally we will help you land your dream job.  You will also be connected with supportive peers on the program and paired with a coach. We will kick things off with a welcome week so you get to know your fellow cohort and we will wrap things up with a graduation and pitch matching competition! You will understand what it is like in the day of the life of sales for our highest growth startups and what it takes to be  successful in the role.

Here is a sneak peak of what the program will look like:

  • Welcome and kick off session - aiming for 9th May!

  • Week 1 - Sales Lifecycle and Objections Handling with FirstAML

  • Week 2 - Solution-based/Consultative selling and Closing with Edrolo

  • Week 3 - Customer and Product Lead Sales with Canva

  • Week 4 - Deal flow/Pipeline management and a ‘day in the life of’ with SafetyCulture

  • Week 5 - Hunting versus farming and Cross-selling with CultureAmp

  • Week 6 - Graduation, pitch comp, match making and land a role!

Why should you sign up?

  • Up-skill in sales from the best operators in the startup ecosystem 
  • Access to a sales coach to jam on your career 
  • Meet an epic cohort to share the experience 
  • Be connected directly to live roles in the Blackbird portfolio and land your dream job!

Do I need startup or sales experience? 

No! We are industry agnostic (non-tech is fine) think retail, hospitality, medical, recruitment, property etc.

Your background is less important than your attitude to succeed. We want hunger, grit and tenacity. Customer-centricity and empathy. Strong problem solvers who are ‘do-ers’. Competitive, results-driven and with a bit of hustle!

If this sounds like you, then we want YOU.

There are limited positions available and the applications are open until the 1st of May so please go ahead and apply - it is super quick and easy.

Oh and the best part is, it is completely free.