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The Magnetic Effect of a Mission

Date Published:
May 8, 2020

Introducing Blackbird's first podcast, Wild Hearts.

“The magnetic effect of a mission. The success of a startup is almost always defined by how well the founding team can convince others of their version of the future. Big beautifully articulated missions are magnetic forces for great people - for the best staff, the best investors, the best customers, the best partners.”

- Blackbird co-founder, Rick Baker: Company Missions: High Definition and Vivid Colour

I’m proud to launch Wild Hearts, a Blackbird podcast devoted to bringing you the real stories of founders with vivid, HD missions.

In the first three episodes, you’ll hear the stories of companies like:

  • Eucalyptus, who are delivering truly patient-centric healthcare online.
  • Fleet Space, who are connecting everything, everywhere on Earth via toaster sized satellites.
  • Vow Foods, who are resurrecting past culinary delights long forgotten by history via synthetic biology

I want to uncover the never before heard stories of these founders navigating their way through the often messy and difficult ups and downs of building a business.

Nearly 2 years ago, I joined Blackbird to help contribute to the best business stories of our time. This podcast is an extension of that same goal.

The magic of the Wild Hearts podcast will be coupling these founder stories with insights directly from the Blackbird investors who’ve backed them. In these interviews, the Blackbird’s partners will reveal their first impressions of the founders, the strengths and weaknesses of their pitch, and ultimately why they decided to invest.

While I have big ambitions for this podcast, if only one founder walks away with a discovery, insight or idea that unlocks a new way to look at their business, I’ll be forever satisfied.

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