Blackbirds flying in front of blackbird text

Welcome to the (new) world of Blackbird

Date Published:
July 19, 2022

Welcome to the world of Blackbird! We’ve got a whole new look - it’s raw, creative and full of energy, and it symbolises our ambition to progress Australian and New Zealand culture. 

Why? Over the past two years I’ve felt an undertow. A tide that moves slowly but with great energy. At first, you only get a sense of the movement, but you don’t notice any dramatic shift. Then, over time, the landscape around you begins to change. Before you know it, you’re standing in an entirely new place, looking out on an unfamiliar horizon, and everything feels different.

Before our very eyes, the wild hearts we spend all our time with at Blackbird are remaking Australia and New Zealand. Their ambition for our nations is kinetic and infectious. 

Our portfolio of companies is a collection of ideas, people and technology that paints a picture of the future. Our job at Blackbird is to find these people, give them our absolute belief and showcase their work for all to see. We want to show what ambitious Aussies and Kiwis are capable of, so that more people might join them in the work of remaking our world. 

So we built a new brand and website that reflects our ambition and this new direction to affect cultural change at a national level. We’ve attempted to make something raw, full of energy and creative, just like the founders we invest in. Today we share the first iteration of this, but like everything at Blackbird, it is a proud work in progress and will continue to evolve and change with time. 

We owe gratitude to the people who helped us bring this to life, including our brand strategist, Matt Gardener from Underscore, our brand designer Mike Kirkpatrick, our motion designer Jess Riley and our web agency, Psychoactive.

You can experience their work right here on our new website, or live and in person at our upcoming startup festival Sunrise.

And we would love to hear what you think! You can get at me on Twitter here or LinkedIn here.

- Joel, on behalf of Blackbird.