LIFX founder Marc Alexander (L) with David McLauchlan (R)
LIFX founder Marc Alexander (L) with David McLauchlan (R)
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Introducing Smarter Light. Our Wi-fi connected, voice-enabled, simple, smart lighting can change the way you light your home.

LIFX is innovating new ways to bring you simplicity and sophistication in how you light your home. A Kickstarter success story from 2012, the LIFX range now includes downlights, bulbs and feature lights, available in over 80 countries. The brand prides itself on usability and wow factor. To onboard; no hub, no bridge, just wifi. But once you turn it on you’ll be struck by brilliant whites and depth of color.

Streamline your life with automations, app control and industry leading integrations such as Amazon Alexa, HomeKit and Google Home.

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