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The Global Flock

About The Global Flock

In the last two years, we’ve made plenty of investments into  <text-style-underline>remarkable companies<text-style-underline> founded by Aussies and Kiwis  <text-style-times>abroad <text-style-times>— including PsiQuantum, Carted, Checkmate, and Spice AI. 
We’re doubling down on extending the very best of Blackbird's hospitality to Aussies and Kiwi founders, operators, and researchers committed to their  <text-style-times>life's work<text-style-times>, wherever they may be. Why? Because  <text-style-underline>community<text-style-underline> <text-style-times>is the <text-style-times> <text-style-underline>heartbeat<text-style-underline> of this <text-style-times>vibrant ecosystem.<text-style-times> 
Our mission is simple: let's give every Aussie and Kiwi involved in  <text-style-times>startups abroad<text-style-times> ways to connect and build a  <text-style-underline>powerful<text-style-underline> community that  <text-style-times>moves the needle.<text-style-times>
We’re here to support <text-style-underline>wildhearts<text-style-underline> with <text-style-underline>the wildest ideas<text-style-underline>, from the <text-style-times> very beginning<text-style-times> … no matter where you may be. Sign up for The Global Flock to attend events, dinners, office hours, and open discussions with a <text-style-times> growing community<text-style-times>  of Aussies and Kiwis in tech. We can’t wait to meet you.

Some of our Giants Mentors

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Will you be visiting other cities?

Yes, we plan to grow the global flock beyond the obvious cities. Please sign up and let us know where you are so we can inform our next trip

Where can I find more information about when Blackbird will be in town?

Once you join the global flock, you'll get a periodic update filled with events and happenings curated by Aussie and Kiwi ecosystem enthusiasts. From insightful talks to casual meetups, we're here to keep you in the loop and connected, no matter where in the world you are.

What is the global Flock?

A community of Australians and Kiwis who have ventured overseas to pursue their dreams. We’re commited to supporting all Aussies and Kiwis; you don't need to be in the country to be a part of the Blackbird ecosystem.

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