Are you a wild heart ready to have an impact?
Are you a rebel who doesn’t follow a traditional career path?
Do you want to find more purpose in your work?
Are you ready to leapfrog into a career doing your life’s best work?

You have come to the right place.

Welcome to the Lilypad. 

The place where all great talent comes to find a dream job in a startup.

The place our startups hire great talent from.

The Lilypad has talent from all walks of life, from all around the world.  Whether you are a grad in computer science, a salesperson, marketer, accountant or just a gun operator we could have the opportunity for you.

So far talented humans have landed epic roles with Canva, SafetyCulture, Gilmour, Oscer, Carted, See-Mode and Edrolo!

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Meet our startups

If you are a Blackbird founder you can have the access to our collective networks and some of the best talent in the world from the likes of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Atlassian.

So far we hard placed a number of hard-to-fill roles from Product to People from Marketing to Data Science.

We supercharge the teams of our startups by giving them access to the best people.

Meet Vanessa.

Vanessa landed her dream job at Carted in a Head of People role via the Lilypad!

Vanessa looks pretty happy about that.

Meet James.

James signed up to the Lilypad to get the “inside scoop” on opportunities.

SafetyCulture reached out to James and within a month he had landed a role as a Digital Technology Manager.

Meet Henry.

Henry's story is one of our favourites.

Henry signed up to the Lilypad and landed a dream internship with Gilmour Space where he got to build rockets!

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To join our epic talent community.

Be noticed and directly introduced to founders. 
Keep up to date with the coolest new roles and startups.
Get the inside scoop and exclusive access to opportunities.

The Sales Academy

Do you enjoy building relationships and solving problems for customers? 
Are you the ‘competitive one’ and motivated by targets? 
Do you have crazy ambition and a bit of hustle? 
Are you ready for a career reinvigoration? 

Leap into a career in startup sales with the Blackbird Sales Academy!

What is the Sales Academy?

A 6 week program designed by Blackbird to up-skill hungry and ambitious people in sales and supercharge their careers into startups. We want to meet people where they are - that is right we are industry agnostic - your background is less important than your attitude to succeed. So whether you have experience in hospitality, retail or any kind of customer service, you might even be a nurse or a flight attendant craving a change and this program could be for you! 

You will have the opportunity to learn from the best operators in the portfolio from the likes of FirstAML, Canva, SafetyCulture, Edrolo and CultureAmp and ultimately land your dream job!

Find out more about it here on our blog!

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Open Roles

There are almost 1000 open roles in the portfolio today! Finding your seat on a rocketship startup is one click away.

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