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Welcome Club


About the Blackbird Welcome Club

The Welcome Club is a <text-style-times>multi-day onboarding program<text-style-times> to plug our <text-style-underline>newest Blackbirds<text-style-underline> into the community. We'll set you on your way with accelerated peer learning and knowledge your investors wish every founder knew when joining the Blackbird Community.
Through the Welcome Club you'll gain <text-style-times>knowledge and community<text-style-times>: building a network of <text-style-underline>trusted Blackbird peers<text-style-underline>, and honing your leadership fundamentals.
Every Welcome Club is tailored to the specific cohort, but you can expect to learn about leadership and values, attracting talent and building your employer brand, board practices and investor relations. <text-style-times>Please note, this program is only open to Blackbird portfolio company founders.<text-style-times>

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