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Wild Futures

February 21, 2022

About Wild Futures

We believe <text-style-underline>world-changing startup ideas<text-style-underline> lie dormant in the ambitious minds of Australia and New Zealand's best students.
We want to see the best minds of this generation creating the <text-style-times>brightest, wildest future for the next<text-style-times>.
Wild Futures gives students the opportunity to pitch and cultivate their ideas in a unique, future-focused startup ideas competition.
Students apply in small teams (2-10) with their raw concepts, which are judged by Blackbird’s investment team and a small group of incredible founders and academics.
The shortlisted teams participate in <text-style-underline>an eight-week whirlwind mentorship and development program<text-style-underline> with Blackbird’s investment team and founders.
The final winning team has the opportunity to pitch their startup at <text-style-times>Sunrise 2022<text-style-times> - and gets a cheeky cash prize.

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