Benjamin Humphrey & Brad Ayers from Dovetail.

Making User Researchers Feel like Superheroes with Dovetail

Date Published:
September 3, 2020

Benjamin Humphrey & Brad Ayers from Dovetail talk about how they are changing the way people research from Harvard to Google.

Atlassian was famous for not hiring a sales team when they started. They believed that if all resources were directed at making a remarkable product, the sales would come. They were right, and Atlassian is today valued at more than $50 billion.

Benjamin Humphrey and Brad Ayers, two Atlassian alumni, took this obsession with product and started their own business, Dovetail. Dovetail’s software enables researchers to use their data in a way not previously possible.

With no sales teams, they have secured some big-name clients. Here is how these product obsessed founders bootstrapped to success, and why Blackbird’s Nick Crocker was drawn to invest in their journey.

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