Fl0 founders Dale Brett and Rani A.
Fl0 founders Dale Brett and Rani A.
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FL0 (pronounced “flow”) is a startup pioneering a new category in software engineering, “Dev Acceleration” or “Dev Acceleration as a Service” (DAAS). Through its Dev Acceleration platform, FL0 supercharges back-end engineers with the power of coding in a low-code format.

FL0 offers a fully hosted solution (including serverless databases and back-end infrastructure) and simple drag and drop interface that allows users to build entirely new products or add-on features for existing products. In addition, the platform has an “app store” marketplace that provides engineers with a suite of third party tools that they can simply pick up and repurpose (or extend through customisations) and rapidly integrate into their tech stack.

Learn more about FL0 in our investment notes.

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