Forte founder Nat Ware
Forte founder Nat Ware
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Forte (which stands for Financing Of Return To Employment) is a new, better way to invest in human potential. It is a way to finance re-skilling at no cost to either individuals or governments, and without needing philanthropy.

Via the Forte platform, investors can pay for the vocational training of individuals who would otherwise be paying no or negligible tax. This training, by its nature, increases expected employment, incomes, and therefore government tax revenue. Governments, as part of the contractual arrangement, pass back to investors an agreed portion of the tax revenue attributable to the training recipients, for a set period of time.

Individuals receive training at no cost. They just pay the usual tax rate. They’re effectively paying for their own training with their future tax.

Governments can help workers have lost their jobs, prepare the workforce for the jobs of the future, overcome skill gaps, and prevent long-term unemployment, without worsening the budget. And there are mathematical ways to guarantee they bear no risk and never lose out.

Investors can both do good and do well. They can invest in a way that genuinely helps those in need.

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