MoreGoodDays founders Neala Fulia and Helena Ngo
Neala Fulia and Helena Ngo
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The vision for MoreGoodDays is to make the best chronic pain treatment accessible to everyone that needs it, and to do so with a product that is affordable and scalable. We are creating the future of chronic pain management - by modernizing “gold standard” or “multidisciplinary” care making it accessible all from the comfort of home.

Living with chronic pain and receiving a chronic pain diagnosis can be a very overwhelming. There’s a lot of misinformation online and a million opinions on what you should be doing coming from all angles.

Our product will help someone through that journey from chaos to clarity. We want to be a safe space for them to work through the uncertainty and get answers they can trust.

If you have chronic pain, you’ll be able to use our platform as a single place to manage your condition.This ranges from accessing trusted information typically only held by very few specialists or experts to understand your specific chronic pain condition, learning tools that can help better manage your condition, accessing health professionals that you need, and being part of a community that deeply understands what you’re going through.

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