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One Future Football Ondrej Sykora, Rohit Bhargava, Peter Davis and Jamil Skaik
Rohit Bhargava and Peter Davis
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One Future Football is a new global football league designed for the new generation of football fan. 1FF has established teams around the world and new ways that fans can be involved. They do this by creating 252 superstar players each with likenesses, skill profiles and engaging backstories. The players are virtual so 1FF can build them to be the athletes that football fans around the world want them to be. It also means fans can be given control over these players’ careers. 1FF runs like any other football league, they just don’t play matches physically inside stadia, instead they build matches mathematically and turn everything into a broadcast. 1FF matches are more often, shorter, more entertaining and at the right times of day for fans around the world.

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