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Season 2, 2022
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Design, Fashion, Technology
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Ivan Medrano's NFT series ‘PEACE & LOVE’ explores the contrast between medieval combat armour and images of demurity & romance. The garments feature motifs of hearts, pearls, and femininity, all encased in cold metal.

Bodices within the collection bear imagery by photographer Arslan Mominkulov, depicting subjects of robust femininity, rugged, and raw.

Yuval Ozery’s line of digital accessories seeks to discover how what we place on our bodies can serve to both shelter us from and inject us into daily engagements within our worlds. Through the design of accessories that visually take inspiration from armor and weaponry, this line reveals a meshing of love, beauty, and violence.

There’s little we can control in life, however, the manner in which we carry ourselves in action and appearance remains a cornerstone of authority we find comfort and security in. In this way, fashion acts as a form of armouring, shielding a wearer through plates of identity. To adorn yourself is to take control of how you are perceived, accepted, or rejected by the world.

Ivan Medrano
Ivan Medrano




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