Verve Zine's First Print Edition

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Season 2, 2022
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Art, Creative, Culture, Fashion, Media, Music
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Verve is an online publication made by and for emerging creatives within Naarm and so-called Australia. Verve was founded in late 2017 by two of my friends to provide a place for themselves and ourselves to showcase our own art and thoughts, since we found that at the time we were too young, new and underdeveloped to meet the needs of more established publications. I started volunteering with Verve as a writer in 2018, writing about some of my favourite artists as well as more casual essays investigating my thoughts at the time (e.g. what is the most important response to film/art? Emotion or a critical perspective?). In 2019 I became a Music Editor, and in late 2020/2021 I took over the project. Since then, Verve has been consistent in posting art from emerging creatives every week. At Verve we try to spotlight artists who wouldn't necessarily receive attention from the mainstream media's eye. Whether that's due to prejudice, lack of commercial appeal, or because they're just starting out and don't yet have an audience to support them to reach the media, we hope to bring these sort of artists to the front. Beyond that, we love supporting considerate and thoughtful artists who have a strong intention behind their work - whether social, political, personal, philosophical, or otherwise, we think this makes for great art. This isn't to say that art created just for arts sake isn't worthwhile, just that we prefer to find these fantastic intersections between art and identity. In our first print edition, the magazine is going to be an ~100 page full of thought pieces, photography, fashion, art, interviews and so much more. For example, one of the pieces is going to be talking about the radically of music and how this relates to deep listening practices, another article is about how lockdown changed our writers appreciation for graffiti, and how cartography manifests through graffiti/mark-making.Some artists that are featured in the mag include PANIA, Teether & Kuya Neil, Anuraag, Aarti Jadu, CLUB NITE +++ so many more incredible artists. I am so excited about the magazine, although it has been extremely stressful working my a$$ off to afford to pay all the writers, photographers, designers and everyone involved. One of the ways you can support the project moving forward is buying merch!

Margarita Bassova
Margarita Bassova




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Verve Zine's First Print Edition