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Season 2, 2022
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Art, Community, Creative, Design, Healthcare, Program
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Forth, is a quarterly magazine subscription style mental health therapy module workbook to create accessible practical support, effective skills and resources that anyone can use to continuously manage there well-being, even in remote areas or for those who cannot access or fund psychiatric help. Each module would feature a holistic approach with contributions from psychiatric professionals, naturopaths, psychologists and nutritionist etc to show how we can support all aspects of mental health around a relevant theme each edition for users to work through at their own pace. My project aims to tackle the gaps in mental health recovery  that I have battled over the last few years once therapy or hospital stays concluded, in order to actually sustainably maintain recovery and continue to progress. In a world with such a evolving decline in mental health I want to share something that will allow everyone the opportunity to get better and to encourage people to constantly work on their wellbeing in a realistic therapy based way.

Ella Kolomyjec
Ella Kolomyjec




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