Chester Beatty IV - Egyptian Solar Cult Translation

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Chester Beatty IV - Egyptial Solar Cult Translation
Chester Beatty IV - Egyptial Solar Cult Translation
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Season 1, 2021
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Australasian Academe, Egyptology
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The ancient Hymns to Amun-Re from papyrus Chester Beatty IV form a fascinating theological treatise on the Egyptian Solar Cult. However, their English translation has not been revised for over 50 years! During this time, Egyptologists' understanding of the Hieroglyphic Egyptian language has undergone considerable development. Her passion project seeks to obtain photos of this papyrus from the British Museum, from which she will re-translate the text into English. This will culminate in a scholarly publication that will include pictures of the actual document for the first time ever.

Ginger-Rose Harrington
Ginger-Rose Harrington




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